Enterprise Resource Center

Enterprise Resource Center is a dapp tool that keeps EOS accounts powered up at all times. The script looks at the accounts added every minute and measures the current CPU and NET used and compares it against the desired settings picked by the user. This tool is very helpful if you have multiple smart contracts EOS accounts that are performing tasks or EOS accounts that you use regularly and have no time to be powering up.

You can auto-power up your accounts in a few easy steps

  1. Log in using the EOS account that will fund the powering up
  2. Click on [Add New Account]
  3. Enter the following:
    • The account name that you want to maintain powerup.
    • The amount of milliseconds that you want to have available in CPU
    • The minimum of bytes that you want to have available in NET
  4. Add EOS to the Smart Contract resoure.mlt. Simple click [Add Balance]
    The EOS transferred will be the ones that will be used for the services requested. These can be withdrawn at any time. If EOS deposited reaches zero, the accounts will no longer be powered up.
  5. Monitor the accounts and change the settings as needed.
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